New service “MY BOX” available!

Make your own Box Japan

You really liked one product? You prefer to choose and avoid surprises?
You can now make your own Box!

With MY BOX service you can select yourself the products to create your own personalized Box.
For $31 (all included) you can make yourself a Box of 15 Credits.

Most of available products in our catalog costs 1 Credit.
But the Credit value depends of the type of product.
For example Premium products costs more than other one.
You can just pick up freely the products you want to reach the amount of 15 Credits.

So the total amount of product depends of your selection.
Only one restriction is that you can only chose one drink per Box (because of their heavy weight)
But apart from that you can totally freely create your own Box!

Don’t wait any further and create your own Box.
You can order whenever you want and your Box will be shipped right away!

Our monthly Boxes subscribers accumulates many points progressively.
It is possible to use those point whenever to buy a personalized Box and order it immediately.
You just need to have 40 points to order a free Box!

The monthly Boxes products will be added little by little to our catalog so you can always have more and more choice.

⚠️ Limited edition products disappear very quickly and are usually only available for one month.


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