July Box content available!

The content and description of the July Box are now available:

The July theme was “Japanese summer”.
With exclusive products that taste like the typical fruit of the summer in Japan: Watermelon.
Whether the  Milky candies or Suika no Tane Ramune, you could discover a flavor that is rarely found outside of Japan in confectionery.

With the hot weather, the Japanese refresh themselves with very popular ice creams: the Kakigori. Grated ice on which you pour the syrup of your choice (usually strawberry, lemon, melon …)
Well, the little Kakigori Gumi candies were an opportunity to try your hand a little with its three flavors of strawberry, soda, and lemon.

In summer, nothing like sweating a little to cool off. It was guaranteed with some spicy products such as the delicious spicy pizza crisps or the famous Wasabi Chip Star in a superb box with a very Japanese design. For curry lovers also a curry chicken Umaibo and a small snack Curry Katsu.

Pokemon lovers have been spoiled with two products (a sweet and a salty). The cute little Ottotto aperitif cookies and an exclusive Pokemon chocolate wafer To cool off, nothing like a good iced lemon or that little drink that the Japanese consume a lot in summer: Ramune

A box so both 🔥 “Hot” and 🧊 refreshing that give you a little taste of Japanese summer.

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