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Kit Kat Japan

For Kit Kat lovers we have added a large variety of flavors available in our catalog to make your own Box!
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Well, yes we do know that Kit Kat is not a Japanese product
So why Kit Kat is so much featured on the Japanese crate or online shopping websites?
There is a very very huge variety of exclusive flavors in Japan that you can’t find anywhere else (green tea, sakura, strawberry mochi, raspberry, salty lemon, ice cream…etcetera, etcetera).

Kit Kat Japan
A very big variety of kit Kat is available in Japan


I think that more than 200 or 300 different flavors have been created since the beginning of the brand in Japan since the early 2000s. There is a real enthusiasm for this brand.
They even opened special stores Kit Kat Chocolatory where you can create yourself your own customized Kit Kat.

Kit Kat Chocolatory Tokyo
Create your own customized Kit Kat in the Kit Kat Chocolatory shop of Tokyo!

In addition to the great variety of delicious flavors, and the very convenient packaging that makes it easy to share with your friends (mini packages with two chocolates covered bars to separate), Kit Kat is a very popular gift for the students in Japan.
You can wonder why as a gift? And why for students?
Well, it appears that Kit Kat (English origin name) when it is transposed into Japanese, is pronounced as “Kitto Katto” that sounds very close to “Kitto Katsu” “きっと勝つ”. That we can translate by “Will surely succeed”.
So it became a popular cheering gift for wishing good luck to the students before exams or important competitions.

Kit Katsu
There is  even T-shirts with “Kit Katsu ” on it

Kit Kat Japan
It is common to have some cheering messages on the Japanese Kit Kat packages

The enthusiasm for Japanese Kit Kat has become truly worldwide and it is very common to see many foreigner tourists flock to the shelves of Kit Kat to bring some back as a souvenir in stores like Don Quijote (ド ン ・ キ ホ ー テ) which offer some special exclusive versions.

The Kit Kat shelves of souvenir shops are often full of gourmands tourists who are crazy about Kit Kat

But how lucky you are! You don’t have to go as far as Japan to enjoy it!
We offer you the chance to try all the variety of Kit Kat by making them available in our catalog as much as possible.
In addition, with the climate getting cooler (less risk of getting melted), it’s really a good opportunity to enjoy yourself and try the various original flavors which are all really really yummy.
And you, what is your favorite flavor among those you have already tasted?

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