TANOSHI ME BOX October’s Box content available!

Tanoshi Me Box October

Trick or treat!
The Halloween tradition is closely linked to spooky disguises and small treats.
So it was not really surprising that the theme of October’s Box was “HALLOWEEN CANDY PARTY” 🎃🍬
Although it is not an event really related to Japan, the Japanese, who really love to dress up and to party, quickly adopted the concept of Halloween.
This is a really entertaining time to be in Japan and a true Halloween fever takes hold of Japan during this period.
With lots of exclusive Halloween products, the shops and even some parts of the towns are really transformed for the occasion.

Haloween in Shibuya 

We tried with this Box to share this Halloween magic that exists in Japan.
A Box that we hope amazed and surprised you with its content and presentation.

This crate as well had its Halloween disguise 🕸️🕷️ :

Photo: ©CatZ in Wonderland

We gave you some challenges with products like the very spicy Hardmania Sichuan Pepper or some dried squid with the Amaika Taro Kimchi Flavor.

Hardmania Sichuan Pepper

Amaika Taro Kimchi


Many products were in Halloween colors with adorable Kawaii packaging!

Koala no Machi Halloween

Onigiri Senbei Halloween

Same as in all our Premium Boxes, an exclusive and surprising drink and an accessory related to the theme was included.

Lipton Crème Brûlée Milk Tea

Mini Halloween Bucket


The mystery was there with a mysterious flavor that you had to taste to guess for the Pringles Mystery Flavor, and the classics Umaibo were also disguised for the occasion.
Did you manage to guess the mystery taste?

Pringles Mystery Flavor

Umaibo Halloween


A contrast between the salty and the sweet, the sweet and the spicy, the scary, and the cute, this Box wanted to offer you varied and contrasting products.

Pokemon Halloween Pack

Koikeya Strong Demon Consommé


The Premium product of the month was the Kit Kat with the exclusive Halloween special Apple Pie flavor. ⭐

Kit Kat Apple Pie

Many other products and surprises were contained in this Box.
To discover the entire Box, we invite you to consult the links below.

Presentation of the October Box “Halloween Candy Party”

To look at the content of this Box and to order its products:

Content of the October Box

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