2x faster delivery option available!

You are a little late to order a Box for a birthday gift?
You want to receive your Box in time for a party with your friends?
You simply just don’t like waiting?
On this Christmas season we thought that it would be nice feature for our users to have the opportunity to speed up the arrival of their Box if they want to.
Shipping costs are included in the Box price so you normally don’t have to worry about delivery method.
However, the shipping method used for our Box service (SAL) is sometimes a little saturated and that Boxes are sometimes getting late to arrive.

From now you the have the option to choose another shipping method that is twice faster for an additional $8.
With the default method (SAL) the estimated shipping time is from 2 to 5 weeks.
With this option you can receive your Box in 8 days by Airmail!

You just check the “By Airmail (delivery twice faster)” box below the billing details in the checkout part.
You can also request a tracking number or attach a gift card with a personalized message.

This service is especially useful for the service “My Box”, to accelerate the reception of your Box after an order.
For subscriptions you receive your Box regularly each month and, unless you want to receive your Box before everyone, at the beginning of the month, it is not really necessary to use it.

Another shipping method (EMS) is also available in Japan considering the high cost (about $22), we prefer not to offer this option.
If, despite of that, you are still interested in using this shipping method, please contact us (before ordering).

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