Important Announcement : Delay on the shipments

Due to a restructuring of our service we are experiencing significant delays in the processing of Tanoshi Me monthly Boxes.
The March Boxes could not be shipped until late last month and the April Boxes are still in the process.
We first want to reassure you that all orders will be honored and all orders will be sent.
If you don’t want to wait and cancel your order, please contact us so we can process your refund.
We apologize for the inconvenience and would like to give you below a further explanation of the situation.

Restructuring of the service
Since the start of the COVID crisis, our team has been greatly reduced and we currently have very little manpower and free time to ensure fully the functioning of the service.
Because of this, we encountered an overload of processing orders and the delay of the shipments was gradually increased.
To fix this situation and regulate the service, rather than completely stopping the orders, the Boxes will now be in limited quantities each month so we can prepare the Boxes in advance and speed up the shipping process.
The transition may take several months before being able to catch up with the accumulated delay, but this should allow our service to gradually get back on its feet.
Sometimes have run back in order to give a better jump forwards, so in our situation, we are therefore forced to limit the orders to be able to provide a better delay of service in the near future.

How about my order?
We want to reassure you that, although the significant increase of the delay, all orders will be well honored.
If you don’t want to wait any further, you have the possibility of canceling your order or your subscription to request a refund.
As long as the orders have not yet been shipped, we can give you a full refund of your order.
If you have an active subscription and you no longer wish to continue it, we can refund you in proportion.


The April boxes will be shipped in the next few days so please contact us quickly if you wish to cancel the order.

Your emails and contact attempts
Regarding your emails and the customer service management, the preparation and dispatch of the orders being the top priority, for now, the replies can take a long time.
We regret that we cannot reply promptly, but please don’t hesitate to relaunch us for a response.

We apologize for the delay in our service and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

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